How Nearly quitting saved my business!

When I started my Wedding Planning and Design business, The Styled Soiree, in 2012, I was completely in love with everything the industry had to offer. Pinterest was just becoming popular and the wedding industry was changing rapidly. Design and details were becoming a major focus for couples and each wedding needed to be totally unique to create an exciting guest experience. That meant that wedding planners were becoming more and more popular, and the planning process was becoming more and more in-depth.

Part of the reason for my success has been that I believe in going above and beyond for my couples. I am the ultimate “yes man” and a total perfectionist. Which was wonderful when I was starting out and doing 7 to 10 weddings a year. I could focus deeply on my couples and not feel overwhelmed and burnt out.

But then I started booking more weddings, at higher prices, with more design elements. And I couldn’t keep up the pace. My inbox was flooded, I felt totally bogged down, and I couldn’t deliver the service I took such pride in delivering. How had I gotten to this place?

I had never bothered to create systems for my business!

I was recreating the wheel with every email, process, and consultation. I felt wildly underpaid while feeling hugely overworked. My anxiety was through the roof and I was fairly certain I would have to close my business because it wasn’t bringing me joy anymore.

So I started documenting everything I did. I saved email templates, created checklists, wrote answers to frequently asked questions, created PDFs with must-know information. And as I put these steps into place, a workflow was created. I refined it and honed it, adding tips to elevate my client’s experience. And life got easier. I started to enjoy my work again. And my passion returned. Plus, I got to see my husband sometimes and even took a vacation without my computer!

So now I am obsessed with saving time while still wowing my clients

It is my goal to help other wedding planners rediscover the joy in planning weddings by sharing my step-by-step workflows. If I can help you as a wedding planner get back even just one extra hour in a day, imagine what changes you could put into place. You could book an extra client, be able to hit the gym regularly, finish binging Game of Thrones… whatever would bring you the most happiness!

A little more about me

I moved a lot growing up, but consider Colorado home. I left after college to live in San Francisco for five years, but have been back in Colorado since 2014. I couldn’t be happier to help couples get married in our gorgeous Rocky Mountains!

A few fun facts:

  • I have two pups, Ajax (a little, white, fluff ball) and Zoë (a terror of a German Shepherd Dog puppy). They are my coworkers who mostly hinder, rather than help, my productivity.

  • I love to listen to Podcasts! Up and Vanished, My Favorite Murder, and Crimetown are current faves! I also love recommendations, so what are your favorite podcasts?

  • I love a good stripe, especially in blue and white, and leopard print is my favorite “glam” pattern.

  • I am a firm believe that sometimes a glass of rosé is the ultimate cure all after a rough day.

  • I will never be a morning person, much to the dismay of my husband, who is the ultimate morning person.

  • I currently own four pairs of Birkenstocks, because as any wedding planner knows, feet come first!

  • I am obsessed with styling details for weddings, I love getting that perfect twist in a ribbon!

  • I’ve never met a plant I can’t easily kill, no green thumbs here!

  • I am obsessed with productivity. If I can save three minutes on one daily task, that is 15 minutes a week (only counting weekdays), one hour a month, 12 hours a year. And those 12 hours can be dedicated to rewatching Parks and Rec over and over, a show I never tire of! Leslie Knope is definitely my role model!

  • Someday my dream is to move to Orcas Island in Washington state, live in a cottage overlooking the water, and become an author. What is your dream?