Are email templates the most important thing for your business?


Well, I mean, there are a gazillion “most important” things for your business: a website, insurance, and bank accounts are also “the most important” things you can do for your business.

But let me tell you why I think that you should block time off on your busy calendar every week to create email templates for your Wedding Planning Company. Email will control your day if you let it! Our inboxes are a never-ending black hole, sucking our time, attention, and energy. Not that email isn’t important, but you have to be the boss of your inbox, not the other way around!

checklist 20 email templates every wedding planner needs

One of the best ways to gain back a bit of control is to create templates of emails (or ever snippets of emails) you send over and over again. For example, I have a snippet that I have saved of directions to my office. It probably saves me three minutes being able to just pop that into an email rather than searching for a previously sent email or even redrafting the whole thing!

So, in order to give you a kickstart on the path to email freedom, CLICK HERE for a free download of 20 email templates YOU need to create to be a better wedding planner! Enjoy!