5 Unique Instagram Post Ideas for when You’re Stuck

Being a creative entrepreneur today means that you have to keep up with a constant stream of social media marketing.  Small business owners are needing to create more content than ever to keep the attention of potential clients. And this can be especially difficult for wedding planners.  So much of what we do is spreadsheets and timeline and email; our contributions aren’t always the “pretty parts” of a wedding day.

So what do you post on Instagram when you are stuck?  When nothing is speaking to you, you feel like you aren’t serving couples with your Instagram content, and you can’t come up with one more quote about love?  Here are five unique types of Instagram posts I turn to as a wedding planner when I need a kick in the pants!

5 unique instagram post ideas for wedding planners

Bouquet Breakdowns

This type of post will require that you either helped with the design of the wedding or that you partner with the florist who created and designed the bouquet.  Not much is prettier than a photo of a gorgeous bridal bouquet to catch the eyes of newly engaged brides. But your aim with Instagram needs to go beyond the inspirational and into the informational! Post about the shape of the bouquet, the color palette used, the flowers that were selected, and any details that set it apart.  I think it is particularly wonderful to talk about why the bride chose the florist that she did and what the inspiration was behind her design. Plus, this type of post is a perfect way to show your favorite florists a little love!

Vendor Love

One of my favorite types of posts to do is a vendor highlight.  As wedding planners, we work with so many incredible vendors! And by sharing the love and highlighting some of your favorites, your credibility will increase too!  This type of post works well using the multiple photo format or incorporating an Instagram story. Keep a list of three quick questions you can ask the vendors you highlight and include the information in the caption.  I would ask things like “what is your favorite moment of any wedding?” or “what is the one thing you wish couples knew to ask during your consultations?”

This is also a great blog post to create and then promote on Instagram.  Show to love to photographers, calligraphers, bakers, any of your favorite vendors.  I guarantee they will love the exposure too!

Color Palette Inspiration

When I am deeply and officially “over it” as a wedding planner, being creative is what always brings me back.  One of my favorite ways to be creative is to post about color palettes. Color ties so tightly to our emotions and can be so trend-driven that we all get excited when a couple wants to use fresh and unique colors.  It is like a world of possibilities open up. I love to snap a photo of an object that I think has incredible colors and then design palettes off of that photo. I used Adobe Illustrator, but there are tons of options available!  Choose an unusual object (La Croix can? Vintage scarf? Whatever!) and explain how you would use each of the colors in the palette. Or how the palette can be adjusted for each season. Make a template for this type of post in Illustrator or Canva so you can always easily whip one of these posts up quickly.

Brand Introduction

Our brands are deeply personal.  As wedding planners, clients book us not only because of our portfolios but because of our personalities.  And so having a brand that reflects your company values and speaks to your ideal clients is important. Why not share some of the WHY of your brand on Instagram with your followers?  Why did you select your brand colors? Do you have an icon that is important to you? What is it about your font choices that reflected your brand vision? This type of post can teach potential clients more about your values, beliefs, and mission as a wedding planner, which will only help potential clients fall more in love with the idea of working with you.


I know this one is a little tough, sometimes it feels like bragging to plaster our testimonials everywhere.  But you have to do it. You EARNED that testimonial when you planned the wedding and you should shout it from the rooftops.  In Illustrator or Canva, created a template that will allow you to copy and paste a testimonial into a pretty graphic. And then share those suckers!  Share them in Instagram Stories, on your feed, everywhere! You are an amazing wedding planner and potential clients need to know it!

These are five types of posts I can easily turn to when I am over the Instagram game.  What type of post do you turn to? What gets your creative juices flowing and resonates with your clients?  Let me know in the comments!