Wedding Management Workflow

Wedding Management Workflow

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If you are new to the planning business or maybe need to elevate your your client experience, this is the document for you! 15 pages of steps, 70+ “to-dos” (even before the wedding day), 20+ tips to WOW your clients, and seven pages of wedding day action items. This is unlike any wedding planner workflow you’ve ever seen!

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Wedding Management Workflow by The Polished Process

What’s Included

  • a 15-page, step-by-step workflow that will allow you to systematize your wedding management process.

  • Planning process broken into seven stages:

    • Client Onboarding

    • Ongoing Client Maintenance

    • Pre-Wedding Information Gathering

      • Three months out

      • Two months out

      • One month out

    • Wedding Preparation

      • Two weeks out

      • Week of the wedding

    • Ceremony Rehearsal

    • The Wedding Day

    • Post-Wedding client offboarding

  • Tips and tricks to totally wow your clients and other vendors

  • A breakout section about how to smoothly run wedding day traditions and formalities