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Step-by-step workflows designed specifically for wedding planners so that you can amaze your clients and get back your time

Step-by-step workflows designed specifically for wedding planners, so you can amaze your clients and reclaim your time!

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Finally, a Solution just for wedding planners!

Hi! I am Jennifer, the owner of The Styled Soiree, a planning company based in Colorado that works with sophisticated brides.

After years of growing my business, I found myself feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and just kind of over it.

I still loved helping amazing couples plan their incredible weddings, but I just didn’t know how I could possibly keep up with my clients, let alone grow my business anymore than I already had. I felt a bit stuck.

I realized I had to do something so that I could continue to deliver the level of service I prided myself on, feel inspired and creative, and actually spend time with my family and friends again.

So I decided to “Polish My Process” by creating detailed, step-by-step workflows to automate and streamline all of my procedures.

And I want to help you escape from your email, ditch your desk, and enjoy being an entrepreneur by systematizing your wedding planning business! 


What would you do with more hours in your day?

- Hang out with my friends and family

- Treat myself to a spa day

- Sleep!

- Book more clients

- Start a new business

- Catch up on Real Housewives of Wherever

- Learn a new skill

- I can’t even think about it because I have too much to do!

So where are you in your wedding planning business?

Growing a small (but mighty!) business presents challenges at every phase of your journey! Which of these are you?


Just starting out and a bit lost

You’ve launched your business and have a client or two under your belt. But yikes! Are you doing this correctly? You know that you have to help book vendors and start a timeline, but who gets booked when? And should you send a timeline six-months in advance or two days before the wedding?


Learning to wow! your clients

You’re booking weddings consistently and loving what you do! BUT, you want to start working with more luxury clients at your dream venues. Or you just want to knock the socks off of every client you book (and vendor you work with) by anticipating what they need before they can even ask for your help!


Overwhelmed and overworked

This was me, and BOY do I wish I’d figured this stuff out before I got to this point! You’ve booked your target number of ideal weddings but now you’re drowning in the details. Your inbox is flooded, you have ten timelines to create, and your friends haven’t seen you for weeks! How can you grow if you’re already swamped?

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